Body Language

Use a neutral body position as your foundation: both feet on the floor, facing forward, arms at your sides. Appropriate gesturing with your hands during the presentation is an effective technique. Do Not Use Superiority Gestures Do not use body gestures or postures that project an air of superiority, such as crossing your arms. No… Continue reading Body Language

Arrive Early For Setup

Arrive Early to Setup Arrive early enough before your presentation to make sure the room is setup Check that the projector is displaying your slides properly. Make sure that you have a backup of your slides. Check that the microphone is working OK and that people in the back of the room will be able… Continue reading Arrive Early For Setup

Audience Distractions

The audience has many distractions. Electronic devices compete with you for the audience’s attention; black berries, laptops, wireless Internet access, tablets, smart phones, Google glass. These distractions may be out of your control unless you deliver a competeing presentation that rivets your audience’s attention on you. Handouts However, there is one audience distraction that is completely… Continue reading Audience Distractions


We remember and learn things presented as a story much more than things presented as a list of facts, such as PowerPoint bullets. How do we learn as a child that we should not lie? Does our mother tell us “Don’t lie”? No, our mother reads us the story of the Boy who Cried Wolf.… Continue reading Storytelling

Agenda Slide

Your Agenda slide tells the audience the structure of your presentation. Use only one or two words per Agenda item. When speaking about the agenda, only say the words for each item, do not give a detailed explanation of each item and do not start talking about the content matter for each agenda item. Too… Continue reading Agenda Slide

Your Opening

Open with a strong statement. Tell the audience, in a few sentences, what your key messages are and what they will learn from you presentation. Your job is to engage the audience immediately, telling them why the investment of their time to listen to your presentation will be worthwhile. This is how to start differentiating… Continue reading Your Opening