“This is the best presentation I’ve seen. I will apply many of the techniques on Thursday – keep it simple, one topic per slide”
Paul Wipf
Project Manager, Consult IT Inc, Calgary

Do you want to make your presentations more effective? I guarantee that your presentations will be much more effective after you have attended my Better Presentations Seminar. In a one hour seminar, I will show you how to create and deliver powerful presentations, where the audience remembers and learns your key messages and understands your unique selling propositions. I will show you the techniques and methods to improve your presentations, in particular, you will learn one simple technique that will greatly improve the effectiveness of your presentations.

Following my Better Presentation Method will place you in the elite ranks of presenters who have learned and who practice effective presentation techniques. This Better Presentation Method is for speakers who need to present all types of effective presentations to various audiences: executive, board-level, investors, analysts, share holders, financial, sales, marketing, product, conferences, training, scientific and technical.


To show how to create and deliver better presentations, I have developed these Better Presentation components: Better Presentations Seminar, Better Presentations Workshop, Enhancing an Existing Presentation, Creating a Presentation, Train the Presenters, One-on-One Coaching.

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I have been speaking for over 30 years, creating and delivering better seminars, workshops, classroom lectures and presentations.I simplify complex materials into simple terms, while retaining the meaning and relevance of the key messages and unique selling propositions to be conveyed.

I have successfully trained speakers in effective presentation techniques, based on my extensive speaking experience, the many presentations that I have attended. My seminar is supported by independent research that shows how audiences remember and learn from presentations as well as results from audience surveys that highlights presentation techniques that are annoying.

Here are some testimonials that I have received.

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