“I found your presentation very interesting, and thought you did
such an excellent job distilling a vast amount of information you’d
researched into an easily understood set of facts. These facts were
also illuminating to me as someone who has been following this
discussion for many years now.”

“It is very professional how you explain what they do with our personal data.  I look forward to see your part 2.”
Johannes Thurner

“So interesting, such impressive research.”
Lyn Grants

“Your presentations on privacy and what to do to safeguard one’s privacy  were both excellent.  Thank you so much for so generously sharing your expertise and knowledge. It is a gift to be sure.”
Gillian Chetty

“Thanks for the last presentation on Data protection! It was very informative and thought-provoking.”
Bernard Portier

“Bravo. Bravo. Bravo. Astounding.”
Stu Butts

“Your presentation on Precision Medicine was a real eye opener. Not only was the subject fascinating but the manner in which it was presented was very helpful to further my understanding of this unique form of evolving medicine.”
Steve G
Vancouver, BC

“Luke, just viewed your lengthy and excellent presentation. As someone with a medical science background I’m blown away, it’s a tour de force.
I’ve learned a lot from your talk and look forward to seeing more of your presentations.”
Brendan Russell

“Your Precision Medicine presentation yesterday was another excellent one, the second I have seen (following your Nuclear Energy one), and it was another timely and fascinating topic.
I can see and appreciate that you put a lot of effort into these presentations; it must be a real challenge to distill so much complex information into something which has sufficient depth, but is also understandable and enjoyable.
I am also very impressed by the depth of knowledge of the subject matter that you have acquired, which is evident both in your delivery of the material, and in answering questions afterwards.
And it is very generous of you to share your time and knowledge in presenting these presentations to us.
Thank you very much, and best wishes.”
Gord McFaull
Burlington Ontario

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your presentation the other evening. Good information on developments in cancer research and treatment. I quite liked your visual aids to understand DNA errors and CRISPR.  Look forward to more presentations!”
Liz Thurston 

“Luke’s presentations on a wide range of topics are excellent, filled with interesting, provocative and often entertaining information and graphics. He has the amazing ability to distill huge quantities of complex scientific data into easily assimilable patterns for a general audience. Technically, the presentations are polished and attractively packaged, with sources clearly acknowledged. Luke is a great presenter.”
Hilde Colenbrander

“I have heard 2 of Luke’s presentations and found that he is very knowledgeable about his topics. They have been complex subjects (Nuclear Energy and Precision Medicine), but his slides and discussions are interesting, straightforward and easy to follow. I came away feeling much better informed.” 
Mary Clark

“It’s always a pleasure listening to Luke speak. He has wide interests, comes well prepared, has a gift for clearly explaining complex subjects to a non-specialized audience, and supports his presentations with helpful graphics and sources. The post-talk Q and A sessions are typically lively — a sure sign of an engaging and thought-provoking presentation.”
Peter Colenbrander

“Thoroughly enjoyed your Precision Medicine presentation.”
Barbara Barton

“You have distilled a large amount of complex information into a clear and concise narrative. Well done!”
Chris Finch

“This is the best presentation I’ve seen. I will apply many of the techniques on Thursday – keep it simple, one topic per slide”
Paul Wipf
Project Manager, Consult IT Inc, Calgary

“I’ve been public speaking for years, and you presented the best explanation of how to use and how not to use PowerPoint in a presentation that I’ve ever heard.”
Greg McKone
Business Analyst, Fraser Health

“As host of the PETERtalks, I can definitely say that your presentation on Protecting your Data Online was one of the best talks we have ever had.  The topic is very timely and your delivery is very engaging.  Your coverage is complete and with sufficient depth to be truly informative without being technically overwhelming.   I am personally quite guarded about being hacked and I do employ many of the safeguards that you recommended.  Although I do admit to delaying my purchase of a VPN service, something I will immediately remedy after listening to your talk.  Thanks again and best wishes in helping others to plug the online data dyke!”
John Gravel
Host of the PETERtalks

“On behalf of the Vancouver Business Network’s members, I thank you for the excellent content that you shared with us last night. It is hard for me to imagine anyone in the audience who didn’t pick up some useful tactics, tips and tools to help them design and deliver better presentations. As the event organizer, I want to personally thank you for being so easy to work with. You are a class act and a true pro.”
Roger Killen
Organizer, Vancouver Business Network
Licensee and Producer, TEDxStanleyPark

“Thank you for the insightful presentation on Tuesday evening. I learned a lot and will be referring to my notes as I gear up for presentations in Calgary and Edmonton this week. All the best.”
Catherine Steele
Pronunciation Coach | Accent Reduction Specialist

English Pronunciation For Success – English In Your Pocket

“Marian’s presentation was very informative and timely. Lots of easy to implement ideas tonight.”
David Monteith
Mortgage Advisor

“Great presentation! Thank you for your insight Marian, it was very helpful.”
Rodolfo Aular-Hernández
Project Coordinator / Change Management Specialist, B.Ing., MPM, PMP

“The presentation delivered lots of useful information, much of which are based on Marian’s hands on experience. Marian is passionate with his speaking and his humors are a plus. I enjoyed his presentation and look forward to attending more!”
Jonathan Yue
Network & VoIP Phone Expert

“Excellent! Learned a lot!”
Shelley Leonhardt
Executive Director, Kids Up Front

“Clear, simple techniques for maximum audience retention and effectiveness.”
Alan Burgess
President, Spraywerx Technologies Inc

“What a great presentation! I look forward to seeing you in our follow up.”
Debra Lindsay
Change Manager, BC Hydro

“I thoroughly enjoyed the one hour, fast-paced Better presentations Seminar. It was truly enlightening and provided not only some good reminders, but new tactics I will absolutely try! I loved the combination of direct experience and industry & scientific facts that Mr. Lewandowski presented.
Thank you”
Roxanne Becker
Partner, Tricon Solutions, Calgary

“I learned a lot and loved the concept of keeping simple slides.”
Adrian Magill
President, Nuclear Hamburger Video productions

“Marian recently delivered his Effective Presentations workshop to a group of student entrepreneurs at UBC. He had the crowd from the opening through to the end. The feedback was very positive, and everyone took something away to work on. Marian’s workshop is useful for an audience ranging from beginners through to experienced presenters. I’d recommend it to anyone looking to step up their presentation skills.”
Carol Leacy
Program Director, entrepreneurship@UBC

“Great Presentation Marian!!”
Sean Seale
Strength Coach, Upside Strength

“This was a very engaging presentation. I really learned a lot of great points. The information was presented in a very refreshing practical way.”
John McCourt
Tricon Solutions, Calgary

“Presentation was positive and useful/informative. Marian gave some good tips for:
– How to engage the audience better
– How to create more impactful slides
– Do’s and don’t’s for presenters
– How to motivate yourself”
Jesse Nuytten
CEO & President, Nine By Nine Design

“Really great presentation. Engaging & communicated some great ideas & tools!”
Janine Emman
Portfolio Analyst, Cenovus, Calgary

“Marian is an effective speaker and has offered great tips to simplify presentations.”
Ana Ramirez
BC Hydro

“Simple, useful tips to apply right away.”
“Take home messages simple and memorable.”
“Good examples.”
“I will certainly use some tips.”
“Presentation is even more important than the actual study & therefore it is mandatory to become an expert in it.”
UBC & Canadian Institutes of Health Research Skin Research Trainee Workshop

“Cut to the points and easy to understand!”
Gable Choy-Lau
Project Controls, BC Hydro

“It is amazing to learn everything you need to make your presentations more effective in a one hour seminar. Marian has the experience and is an expert on creating and delivering effective presentations.”
Diana Citron
Agencia Tudo, Brazil

“Congratulations – you got the gold star for the highest rated speaker at Forum ’99.”
Mary E. Jordan
Conference Coordinator, 1999 Financial Communications Forum

“I received your speaker application for the 19th Global conference; thank you for submitting again this year – you are certainly one of our highest rated speakers.”
Ellen Dahlin

“I attended Marian’s “Effective Presentation” seminar and was amazed with the sheer volume of valuable information I came away with – and I didn’t take one note.  Seriously, the presentation was that engaging – one by one, everyone in the room started putting away their notebooks, completely focused on the information being delivered in such an engaging way.

Marian practices what he preaches, doesn’t rely on PowerPoint to deliver his message for him, and follows his own rules to the letter, bringing the art of the presentation back to the basics, making it accessible to anyone.  This is a fabulous seminar, not only for those who plan to speak in front of others, but for anyone who wants to learn how to target a specific message in an interesting way.”
Karina Wright
Web/Communications Consultant

“I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your workshop on Effective Presentations. The timing was perfect, as I had 2 presentations to put together in a short period of time. The tips were useful and easy to remember. I liked your common sense approach, which put things into perspective. At the same time, I found the presentation fast paced and it certainly kept the audience entertained. I thought your presentation was one of the highlights of the MUSE conference! We are looking forward to your presentation at next year’s Health Record Association of British Columbia (HRABC) conference.”
Joyce Taki
System Application Coordinator, Abstracting, Fraser Health Authority

Any presenter who uses PowerPoint should definitely take one of Marian’s seminars. They are well worth the time, and will hopefully pave the way to more interesting presentations for all of us to learn from and enjoy.”
Trevor Kennell
Independent Distributor, Send Out Cards

“I realized how effective the presentation was each time that a story was told and how I wanted to support or hire the group/business in that story.”
Sara Jennings
Food Bank Coordinator, Whistler Community Services Society

“Very engaging and informative. There are many examples of usable ideas that I can implement immediately to make my presentations more effective. He did everything he said he was going to do and entertained us too!”
Cheryl Skribe
Executive Director, Whistler Community Services Society

“Thank you for a very engaging, informative presentation. I learned so much that is very applicable to my work and my engagement with people.”
Jackie Dickinson
Outreach Worker, Whistler Community Services Society

“Thank you for taking the time to share your excellent knowledge. From this presentation I have learned that a story and images will create a lasting impression. What a great opportunity to share my experience working with seniors and providing service to our community.”
Melissa Deller
Seniors Outreach, Whistler Community Services Society

“I found the presentation useful and informative for both public speaking in general and presentations. Although the concepts are simple, they are not so obvious!”
Richard Diamond
Board Member, Whistler Community Services Society

“After attending one of Marian’s ‘Effective Presentations’ seminars, I invited Marian to our company’s offices for a “Lunch and Learn” session for our key managers.  We all found this to be a ‘value-added’ event, with Marian guiding our group to achieve a significant re-vamping of our presentation methodologies.  Our company’s new approach to presentations to existing clients and potential new clients has helped us achieve very positive results in all areas of our business. When in doubt we continue to go back to the basic principles of your presentation methodologies. Thanks again for working with our group.”
Allan W. Collings
Principal, ACM Advisors Ltd.

“The presentation that you gave us at our office did a great job of highlighting the do’s and don’ts of effective, modern presentations.  I always knew that there was a better, more interesting way to use PowerPoint, thanks for showing it to us.  We have already begun to incorporate your advice into our customer demos and web seminars.”
Julius Walczynski
Marketing Coordinator, WaterTrax Inc.

“As Vice-President, Sales The Grocery Division of Nabisco and Kraft Canada, for 15 years, I am acutely aware of how critical effective communication and presentation skills are. If your message is confusing or cluttered, or looses the listener on the first “bad” power-point slide, the chances of success are diminished greatly. Presenters know how to create PowerPoint slides, but haven’t been trained in the effective communication of the key messages in their presentation. Marian Lewandowski can bridge that crucial gap. His Presentation Skills Seminar offers a no-nonsense, practical guide to enhancing your organization’s capability to communicate.”
Rick Gannon

“I attended the June 2006 Effective Presentations seminar and thoroughly enjoyed Marian’s enthusiastic style. He practices what he preaches, proving by example that effective presentation techniques engage an audience. After this seminar, I have been motivated to implement effective presentation techniques to raise the bar on all of my own presentations.”
Rob Kunihiro
CFO, Xenos Group Inc.

“Thanks so much for a thoroughly engaging and informative presentation yesterday at Volunteer Vancouver. I was amazed by how much learning could be delivered in such a short period of time, attesting of course to the effectiveness of your presentation skills and the power of your message. Thanks again – so happy that I attended!”
Maureen Ewing
Leadership and Training, Dynamic Delivery

“I was scheduled to speak about our gifted program at St. John’s School. This was an important session for St. John’s, highlighting our successful implementation of the program. Marian coached me in the preparation and effective delivery of my presentation with positive results. My presentation received one of the highest ratings of all the sessions at the conference. I now follow Marian’s guidelines to make all of my presentations highly effective.”
Linda MacKenzie
Principal, Junior School, St. John’s School, Vancouver

“Marian Lewandowski’s Effective Presentations” Seminar has been an eye opener, showing the do’s and don’ts from a listener perspective. I have to present complex messages to my audience requiring a lot of information per slide. I’ve rewritten my presentation based on Marian’s guidance. The results were overwhelming; my audiences now understand complex key messages in less than 10 minutes, giving me more time for Q&A. I highly recommend Marian’s seminar to anybody that wants to learn how to create and deliver presentations that audiences will remember.”
Roel Coert
Principal, The Osborne Group

“At a recent Western Canada Xplor Conference, Marian spoke about creating and delivering Effective Presentations. I found this session so relevant and educational, that I asked Marian to give the same presentation to my peers at Telus. Not surprisingly, my peers found the presentation insightful and useful.”
Steve Shepard
President, Xplor Canada Western Chapter

“I attended Marian’s Effective Presentation session at a health care conference. I continue to reflect back to that presentation which has been instrumental in building my confidence and speaking to an audience.  I now look forward to, rather than being worried about my next presentation.”
Susan Smith
Physician Support Analyst, Information Management, Peace Country Health

“My Ph.D. defense session included a twenty minute PowerPoint presentation. I felt comfortable with the subject matter but felt nervous about giving the actual presentation within the time limit. It was important to condense a large amount of information while retaining its relevance. Marian helped me to re-structure my presentation and give me the confidence to deliver my material effectively, with greater confidence and within the allocated time.”
Dr. Kristina Sandy

“If you want to improve your presentation skills, then one-on-one coaching with Marian is the answer. You get more than just a few tips on how to improve your presenting skills. Marian takes an all-encompassing approach. First, he guides you with the strategy for your presentation: Who is your audience? What is your objective or desired outcome? How do you propose to achieve this through the presentation? What do you want to say? Next, he helps you prepare your presentation and keeps you on-track in terms of relevancy, timing and format. Finally, he tutors you through the process of becoming a better presenter. The result is amazing. Marian will transform what you say and how you say it. He will give you the confidence and proficiency to connect with your audience in a way that guarantees their understanding and engagement. He leaves you with skills that you can carry forward to achieve success time-and-time again. Once you have worked with Marian, you will wonder how you ever got by without him. Marian is not just a good trainer; he is the secret weapon that all business presenters need.”
Tim Gage
Head of Business Development, Serengeti Design Group

“Marian presented his effective presentations seminar to our business networking group. The audience was transfixed, and you could feel the wheels turning as you looked around the room and could see people start to think how to rejig their own presentations.

Marian uses perfect examples, text filled screens with masses of information reduced down to one image, allowing the speaker to make his point.

Personally, as one who has fallen prey to the ‘use all the bells and whistles camp’, I am now redoing my presentations to make them more informative, easier to comprehend, and actually more fun to present, thanks to Marian’s presentation.