Better Presentations Seminar

The one hour Better Presentations seminar shows everything you need to create and deliver an effective presentation: deciding on your key messages, preparing your presentation, how to practice, your body language and speaking style and what to do just before your presentation. The seminar describes and demonstrates effective techniques for preparing and delivering your presentation. You will learn how to use PowerPoint effectively and avoid the many “cool” features, which will distract your audience and dilute the delivery of your key messages.These techniques will ensure that the audience will remember and learn your key messages. This seminar gives all the information needed to improve the effectiveness of your own presentations and make you comfortable and confident when you deliver it. The seminar works well as a lunch and learn.

Better Presentations Workshop

This one-half to one day workshop covers all aspects of creating and delivering an effective presentation. The agenda items are the same as for the Better Presentations Seminar, but each topic is covered in much more depth and detail. Each attendee will create and deliver a presentation on a specific topic. The creation and delivery of each presentation will be critiqued, providing valuable feedback to each audience member.

Enhancing An Existing Presentation

I start by identifying the purpose of your presentation and identifying the members of the audience, why they will attend and what they can expect to learn. Based on the goals and the makeup of the audience, the key messages for your presentation are created. If you have an existing PowerPoint presentation, the slides will be updated to align with your key messages. You will learn which features of PowerPoint improve the effectiveness of your presentation and which features should be avoided. This component is useful for existing presentations to Board of Directors, analysts, investors, shareholders, prospective clients, clients, partners, as well as internal presentations for project management, business proposals, product training, employee training, customer service training and others.

Creating A Presentation

I will work with one or more people to create a presentation, using their input regarding the intended audience, the purpose of the presentation, the number of times the presentation will be delivered and other factors. Unique selling propositions will be identified and incorporated into the presentation. The presentation will be crafted to maximize audience retention and learning of the key messages and the unique selling propositions. Learn which PowerPoint features to use – there are only a few – and which features to avoid to maximize the effectiveness of your presentation.

Train The Presenters

Many companies have a set of standard presentations, which are delivered by more than one person. Training the presenters will show them how to deliver a specific presentation in an effective manner. This component includes practice sessions where each presenter will receive feedback to provide a constant improvement loop.

One-on-One Coaching

I will provide one-on-one training and coaching to a presenter to deliver a specific presentation. Practice sessions will ensure that the presenter learns effective presentation techniques. This component is useful for all presenters; C level executives who are presenting to Boards of Directors, investors, analysts, shareholders, clients, conferences and media.