Your Personal Data is Collected, Stored, and Used

Your emails, your texts, your searches, your Website visits, and your phone calls, are being collected, stored, and used by many organizations. Your online behaviour – the Websites you visit, what you read, what you like, who you follow – are used to build a profile of you. Your profile is used to influence your behaviour, guiding you to things that are likely to be interesting to you. Learn how to protect, control, and turn off the collection and use of your data, even requesting to have all your data deleted.

An introduction to Artificial Intelligence and the role it plays in collecting, storing, and using your personal data. 

Protect Your Personal Data

Learn about the risks associated with the collection, storage, and use of your personal data. Find out how to control which personal data is collected and stored. Protect your personal data from fraudulent use and protect your personal identity. You will learn how to remove and delete subsets, or all, of your personal data from online databases.

AI: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

In this presentation, we’ll explore the multifaceted impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on society. We’ll delve into the positive aspects, such as increased efficiency and innovation, as well as the negative implications, including ethical dilemmas and job displacement. Additionally, we’ll examine the potential “ugly” side of AI, such as the risks of malicious use and unintended consequences. By addressing these diverse perspectives, we aim to provide a balanced understanding of the opportunities and challenges posed by AI in today’s world.

Personalized Medicine

Personalized medicine is the development of precise treatments for each patient. Personalized medicine has treated and cured serious diseases in some patients. Hear about initiatives at Canada’s health agencies that use personalized medicine techniques to treat difficult diseases in patients whose disease has advanced to a terminal stage.

Gene editing technologies have matured from a hit-and-miss approach to today’s precise approach. CRISPR gene editing technology is precise. CRISPR can remove, alter, or replace one or more genes in the human genome, to treat or cure diseases caused by genetic disorders, such as sickle cell anemia and Huntington’s.

This presentation describes how mRNA vaccines, such as those for Covid-19, work.

Demystifying The Use Of Nuclear Reactors To Generate Electricity

  • Is Nuclear Power Safe?
  • How vulnerable are Nuclear power plants to accidents?
  • How much waste is created, and can it be handled safely?
  • Is Nuclear Power expensive?
  • Features of Small Modular Reactors (SMR).
  • Is Nuclear Power a transition solution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions?

Climate Change Solutions

Learn about individual and global actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Several organizations have developed detailed plans to curb global greenhouse gas emissions. This presentation explains the costs, impacts, advantages, disadvantages and timelines of these ambitious plans. Hear about solutions in the electricity generation, agriculture, transportation, and manufacturing sectors.

Foods that Prevent Cancer

Scientific research shows that cancer can be affected by diet. This presentation discusses the proven health benefits of compounds such as anti-oxidants, catechins, Omega-3, resveratrol, polyphenols, and lycopene. Learn about the foods that are rich in these compounds and the specific health benefits each one provides. Chocolate and red wine, anyone?

The Global Economy

The global economy is changing. Countries have changed their roles and their influence on the world’s economy. The global economy is impacted by changes in GDP growth, debt, trade in goods shifting to trade in services, technology, population, and in other areas. This presentation discusses these changes, what they mean for the future global economy and the impact on all of us.

Maximize Health Benefits, Minimize Exercise Time

Who has time to spend many hours in the gym? Are the health benefits worth it? In the past, such lengthy workout schedules were recommended for good health, however, research has shown that shorter and less frequent exercise sessions can maximize health benefits, if done properly. You can achieve the best outcomes for your health while spending the minimum time exercising.

Create A Website in 10 Easy Steps

Do you or an organization that you volunteer or work with need a Website? Charities, Not-For-Profits, family, friends, clubs, groups, small businesses, political parties all need Websites. Do you want to sell products on a Website? Learn how easy it is to create and manage a Website and to sell products on a Website. This presentation is suitable to anyone that is comfortable using a computer and visiting Websites on the Internet. You will receive a Website link with detailed instructions that you can follow to build a Website.

Communicate Effectively,
Better Presentations

Learn how to communicate more effectively by creating and delivering better presentations. This presentation is based on my speaking experience, attending hundreds of presentations, scientific research showing presentation techniques that work and those that do not, and audience surveys. Learn how to apply these techniques to become a better presenter and to improve your communications.

Topics Under Development

  • Back to The Big Bang
  • AI, The Good The Bad The Ugly
  • Being a Senior: Make it the Best Time of Your Life
  • Music: Good For Your Brain
  • Mathematics Fun Facts
  • Life Sized Cities
  • Innovations in Agriculture and Food Sciences
  • Innovations in Science and Medicine
  • Precision Agriculture
  • History of the World
  • Explorers of the World