These presentation tips will show you how to prepare your presentations and how to communicate with your audience to ensure that they will remember and learn the key messages that you have decided are important.

When you deliver your presentation, you should engage the audience so they are focused on you. The Audience section discusses techniques to connect with the audience, audience distractions and avoiding techniques that annoy an audience.

Your body language, mannerisms, speaking style and attitude can be used to your advantage to deliver an Effective Presentation. The Speaking section shows what you can do to maximize the effectiveness of your presentation.

The Preparing Slides section shows you how to prepare slides for a Better Presentation.

Garr Reynolds’ website contains some excellent tips for effective presentations.

Robert Altman’s BetterPPT web¬†site shows you how to create professional looking slides for an effective presentation.

David Paradi’s Think Outside the Slide web site has lots of materials about effective presentations.