No Apologies

Do not apologize for things out of your control. For example, “I’m sorry this room is so warm.” If you cannot do anything about it, do not mention it.

Old Picture

I use this picture to make a point. The picture is dated, about 15 years old. However, the first time I used this picture in this presentations I did not say, “This picture is 15 years old. I guess I should get a new one and use that instead.”

Old Data

You should never apologize for things in your control. I attended a presentation in 2006 where the speaker showed annual historical data for the years 2000 through 2004. When he finished speaking about this data on his slide, he turned to the slide and said “Oh, I don’t have the 2006 data on that slide. I should add that when I get back to the office.” This should be fixed during the preparation of your presentation and not noted as a to do during your presentation.

Apologizing for your slides shows lack of preparedness and tells the audience that they are not important enough for your presentation to be accurate and correct.

This presentation from 2014 used a statistic from 2005.

Complex Graphics

If you are using this slide, you may be tempted to start by saying, “Sorry you cannot see the details on this slide”, and then go on to talk about the slide for 5 to 15 minutes.

Running out of Time

Many speakers run out of time and have to apologize for this. You know how long you have to present, you have time to prepare and you should practice so you do not run out of time.

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