Need A Speaker?

For Your Company

“The presentation that you gave us at our office did a great job of highlighting the do’s and don’ts of effective, modern presentations.  I always knew that there was a better, more interesting way to use PowerPoint, thanks for showing it to us.  We have already began to incorporate your advice into our customer demos and web seminars.”
Julius Walczynski
Marketing Coordinator
WaterTrax Inc.

Do you provide training to staff members that need to create and deliver presentations? If not, the one hour Better Presentations Seminar is a powerful step to teaching your staff how to create and deliver Better Presentations. I will give this seminar on site at your company.

For Your Organization

“Thanks so much for a thoroughly engaging and informative presentation yesterday at Volunteer Vancouver. I was amazed by how much learning could be delivered in such a short period of time, attesting of course to the effectiveness of your presentation skills and the power of your message. Thanks again – so happy that I attended!”
Maureen Ewing
Leadership and Training, Dynamic Delivery

Your organization has standards. Do these standards extend to presentation standards at your conferences, trade shows and meetings?  I will show you how to raise the presentation standards for your conferences and meetings and improve the effectiveness of the presentations delivered by your invited speakers. I have delivered the Better Presentations Seminar to user group organizations and not-for profit organizations.

Keynote For Conferences

“I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your workshop on Effective Presentations. The timing was perfect, as I had 2 presentations to put together in a short period of time. The tips were useful and easy to remember. I liked your common sense approach, which put things into perspective. At the same time, I found the presentation fast paced and it certainly kept the audience entertained. I thought your presentation was one of the highlights of the MUSE conference! We are looking forward to your presentation at next year’s Health Record Association of British Columbia (HRABC) conference.”
Joyce Taki
System Application Coordinator, Abstracting, Fraser Health Authority

Topics for keynote presentations must be of interest to the majority of conference attendees and the keynote presentation itself should be fast-paced and entertaining. The Better Presentations keynote address has these attributes. It has been received enthusiastically by audiences. Better Presentations techniques are of interest to everyone that attends conferences. because most conference attendees have created and delivered many presentations and will be required to do so in the future. Show them how to raise the bar to make their presentations much more effective. This keynote address will raise the level of excellent for the presentations at your conferences, now and in the future.