December 7, 2019


I have created and delivered presentations on these topics:

  • Protecting your Personal Data in an Online World
  • Personalized Medicine
  • The Truth about nuclear Energy
  • Foods that Fight Cancer
  • Climate Change Solutions
  • The Global Economy, What you should Know
  • Maximize Health Benefits While Minimizing Exercise Time
  • Create A Website and Blog in 10 Easy Steps
  • China: The New Silk Road
  • How to Communicate Effectively/Better Presentations
  • Music: Good For Your Brain (in development)
  • Mathematics Fun Facts (in development)

Protecting your Personal Data in an Online World

Your personal data is being collected, shared and used by several organizations, such as Google. You will learn which personal data is being collected; where you travel, your emails, your texts, your searches, your Website visits, your phone calls and other details about you. You will also learn how to protect, control and turn off the collection and use of your personal data as well as requesting to have all your personal data deleted.

Personalized Medicine

A large percentage of chemotherapy medications are ineffective. Personalized medicine is the development of unique treatments for each patient. This is done by detailed imaging of the disease, which is used to create a unique treatment plan. Personalized medicine is the right treatment for the right patient at the right time in the right dosage. Hear about several amazing case studies where terminal patients have been completely cured.

The Truth About Nuclear Energy

Which of these forms of electricity generation are the safest; hydro (water), natural gas, oil, coal, nuclear, wind, solar, biofuel/biomass? The answer will surprise you. Solutions to reduce green house gas emissions rarely include nuclear power to generate electricity. This presentation looks at the role nuclear electricity generation can play as a transition from fossil fuels to green energy.

Foods that Fight Cancer

Scientific research shows that cancer can be affected by diet. This presentation discusses the scientifically proven health benefits of phytochemical, fatty acid, anti-inflammatory and other compounds. Learn about the foods, herbs and spices that are rich in these compounds and the specific health benefits each one provides. Chocolate and red wine anyone?

Climate Change Solutions

Learn how each individual can reduce their carbon footprint and about global solutions that will slow down the warming of the earth. Several organizations have developed detailed plans to curb global green house gas emissions. This presentation explains the costs, impacts, advantages, disadvantages and timelines of these plans. Hear about solutions in the electricity generation, agriculture, transportation, and industry sectors.

The Global Economy: What You Should Know

The global economy has changed. Countries have changed their roles and their influence on the world’s economy. Countries have faltered, requiring massive loans from the IMF, World Bank and the European Central bank, with significant changes to their citizens’ economic outlooks. This presentation discusses these changes, what they mean for the future global economy and the impact on all of us.

How to Communicate Effectively/Better Presentations

Learn how to communicate more effectively by creating and delivering better presentations. This presentation is based on my speaking experience, attending hundreds of presentations, scientific research showing presentation techniques that work and those that do not, and audience surveys. Learn how to apply these techniques to become a better presenter and to improve your communications.

Maximize Health Benefits while Minimizing Exercise Time

Who has time to spend many hours in the gym? Are the health benefits worth it? In the past, such lengthy workout schedules were recommended for good health, however, research has shown that shorter and less frequent exercise sessions can maximize health benefits, if done properly. You can achieve the best outcomes for your health while spending the minimum time exercising.

Create A Website and Blog in 10 Easy Steps

Do you need a personal Website or Blog? Do you want to sell products on a Website? Do you volunteer for a charity or not-for-profit that needs a Website or Blog? Does someone in your family or a friend have a small business that needs a Website or Blog? Do you belong to a group or club that needs a Website or Blog? Do your friends need a Website or Blog? If the answer is yes, learn how easy it is to create and manage a Website and a Blog. Learn how to sell products on a Website. This presentation is suitable to anyone that is comfortable using a computer and visiting Websites on the Internet. You will receive a Website link with detailed instructions that you can follow to build a Website and Blog.

China: The New Silk Road

China is building a new Silk Road at a cost of $900 billion. Announced in 2013, the new Silk Road is a double trade (land and maritime) corridor between China and its neighbours in the west: most notably Central Asia, the Middle East and Europe; lending $8 trillion for infrastructure in 68 countries. This project is not without controversy; several neighbouring countries are wary of China’s intentions. Is China becoming a geopolitical superpower by stepping into vacuums left by former superpowers? Learn why China is building a new Silk Road.