How do you deliver better presentations? One of the most important things you can do is to practice. I play golf about once a year. On one of these occasions, I was practising my tee shot and constantly hitting the ground. I gave up and said “oh well, might as well just take the shot”. My friend, a much better golfer than me, said “Your next shot is still a practice shot; keep practising until you are ready to take the shot.” The same advice applies to delivering your presentations. If you do not practice before, then you will be practising in front of a live audience. you will be making the mistakes in front of your audience with no chance to correct them.


Audience Distractions

The audience has many distractions. Electronic devices compete with you for the audience’s attention; black berries, laptops, wireless Internet access, tablets, smart phones, Google glass. These distractions may be out of your control unless you deliver a competeing presentation that rivets your audience’s attention on you. Handouts However, there is one audience distraction that is completely Read more about Audience Distractions[…]

How Much Will the Audience Remember?

We communicate verbally and visually. During a presentation, audience members hear and see your presentation. You are speaking – auditory input – and you are probably using supporting slides – visual input. Does the Audience Remember Everything? We do not remember everything that we hear and see in a presentation, especially if there is both Read more about How Much Will the Audience Remember?[…]